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i love love love love LOVE this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am stuck though, is there any kind of guide or walkthrough that I can be directed to? I really want to continue but I'm stuck at the airport

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Thank you! That reminds me I should really fix its poor (at the time, outsourced) English localization. ๐Ÿ˜…
And yes, there is a walkthrough available (click here), but it's in Italian (it was written by a friend of mine over 10 years ago).
It should be quite simple to translate it into English, just remember that my friend used the "sx" abbreviation for left, and "dx" for right.
In any case, feel free to join the Discord server for additional help. ๐Ÿ‘

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ahhhh thank you so much for the quick response!!!!
I love this game, I love your style of storytelling and worldbuilding, you got real talent!! I'm definitely going to check out more of your games!!!! I know you said this is the oldest game ya ever worked on, and dang did ya do a fantastic job!! Keep up the great work :^)


Thanks again! โค๏ธ


of course!!!


Awesom game


Thank you!

Having issues with downloading this. It won't download from here, or install on the desktop app.


Cyber is the oldest game I've ever worked on, originally released when there was no app (and initially distributed only through my own website). This game has an installer on its own, probably incompatible with the desktop app. Most of my other games make use of a self-extracting method, and my latest ones are just zipped archives (which seems to be an easier method to handle for the app). Regarding the failures you're getting during the downloading process, I'm not sure I can be of any specific help for that. A few browsers (like Chrome) may block the download of some files when they don't appear to be downloaded as often as their whitelisting databases need to (and probably the presence of a dedicated installer is not leaving enough leeway to allow their file analysis systems to work as flawlessly as they're supposed to). I could now prevent most of that by repacking the game into a more suitable way of distribution, but since the game's English version "features" a poorly outsourced translation from its original Italian script, I'm reluctant to do so just now, because one of my future projects is to give the game a complete overhaul (its aspect ratio is still 4:3) and finally fix its English translation once and for all. Back then, I couldn't take care of the matter first handedly, and so I blindly trusted someone who just "google-translated" it and called it a day.

If you're still interested in giving this game a go (be it for its "historical value"... or just out of pure curiosity), you can try getting it directly from my own website (hoping this different source will finally allow you to download the file):

Thanks for your interest in Cyber, and if you want, feel free to take a look at my most recent productions.


Do you know how to make this windowed? Thank you!

Go to your Windows Start Menu and choose "Cyber(Windowed)".
Or just go to the installation folder and execute the file "Run_game_Windowed.exe".

Awesome game! I LOVE stuff like this! Definitely reminded of The Ripper game.

That said.

I'm stuck at the locker. The poster has a date in the European style. The text is read in American date style.

I've tried one way, the other way, the year, the other way reversed, the one way reversed, adding all numbers then dividing by four and I can't for the life of me figure out the box code.

Can you give a hint please? Thank you!


Thank you for trying my very first game! (so many sweet memories ๐Ÿ˜)
Did you flip the postcard by clicking on its folded top-right corner?
There's a hint to the code on the back of it: the four numbers to enter correspond to the date of their wedding.
So, you just have to subtract a week from the postcard date: 15/03/2063 (15 3 63) = 8363. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰

This is your first game? I honestly believe you began with a fantastic, high-up-there offering and only got bigger from there. I would LOVE to see what a Cyber style long game mixed in with all your surreal narratives would look like now :D

Also I'm at the virtual apartment and I found what I think the answer to the 'square meters' is - I just want to make sure I remember my conversion... , is to . as . is to , from Europe to America, right?

As in, one thousand dollars USD would be written as 1,000 here. One thousand dollars in Europe would be 1.000 if I recall right.

So the answer would be XXX,XXX in American. XXX.XXX in European?

Thanks, and yes, that puzzle is entirely mathematical (and, therefore, numerical) based.
So, you don't have to mess with conversion rates, commas, or dots.
It's just a base-10 calculation, much simpler than what it seems.
In any case, a calculator will ease the process. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Okay, math was my worst subject in school, and I've been working on this off and on for literally 3 weeks. Can I shove another quarter in the hint machine please? :/

Sure, no problem! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Here's the code: