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Nightmares cease to be our reality 
only when we wake up from them. 
But some dreamers may linger asleep, 
lost in a bygone existence.

Help Lenore look for her time. 
Let her find the way out within you.

-  -  -

Lenore's Birthnight features:

  • explorative and lore focused gameplay
  • knowledge powered, turn-based fights
  • deduction/interaction puzzles
  • mini-games with playthrough-tied outcomes
  • physical and metaphysical abilities
  • environmental storytelling
  • creepy, horrific, and surreal imagery
  • self-contained lore's mysteries
  • random events (some to be wary of!)
  • an entirely mouse controlled interface (fully compatible with touch screen devices)
  • hand-drawn, pixelated graphics and animations
  • original music (especially composed for the game)
  • extensive use of interactive and atmospheric sound effects (ASMR quality)
  • hidden secrets to be discovered...

.  .  .

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Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

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Andrea's penchant for creating off-the-wall gaming experiences continues unabated with Lenore's Birthnight.

It's an adventure-based board game, where paying attention to minute details is vital in order to progress and defeat the bosses hiding at each side of the board.

There's also, as always, a strong story undercutting the whole thing, with tales of dread and despair paving the way to someone else's existence.

Truly a unique game from a unique creator. This is definitely worth your time!


Thank you for your great review, Mikey!
Happy you liked it. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Lenore's Birthnight let's play by Mikey Blighe (part4 - end):


Lenore's Birthnight let's play by Mikey Blighe (part3):


Lenore's Birthnight let's play by Mikey Blighe (part2):


Lenore's Birthnight let's play by Mikey Blighe (part1):


Sorry it took so long

Thanks for the video! And no worries at all. ๐Ÿ‘


I did it! I got all the skills! Final boss made me feel like I failed all my school tests lmao. Not sure what to do now, I'm unsure if the game has ended :D


Indeed it has not, at least if you still haven't reached an ending screen (and even after that, there's more to do if you want ๐Ÿ˜‰).
In any case, to reach the ending screen make sure to go back interacting with someone who, despite her condition, can "foresee" your future (the same one who always gives you hints about your next step).


Second video is up. I can now say I got to play an unorthodox boss fight haha. You never cease to amaze me honestly.


So I'm not sure how well I did as someone who dived in blind and spent 15 minutes rereading the instructions hehe but I'm really intrigued now and I'll have the second part up soon. I'll probably talk more about it in the Discord server but for now, enjoy my first part.


Thank you, Houssem!