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Quantum File Splitter deals with a rather specific case scenario. 
Let's imagine three parties: a Sender and two Recipients ("Recipient A" and "Recipient B"). 
The Sender needs to send a file to both Recipients, but neither A nor B must be able to access the file's content unless the other Recipient agrees to do so as well by providing a proof of consent. 
In this case, the following conditions ARE NOT allowed:

  • use of passwords;
  • use of cryptography;
  • unbalanced data distribution (both Recipients must receive the same amount of potential data value).

If you're wondering how all this can be a game, 
maximize your controlling perspectives.

Therefore, a file splitting approach would be the ideal solution, one which can guarantee that no parts of the original file can be extracted without the presence of both split files on the same system. 
In short: according to the abovementioned requirements, every attempt of brute-forcing any of the split files (in order to obtain a readable portion of the original file) should yield no usable results.

Quantum File Splitter satisfies all of the above requirements by generating two identically sized files that can later be joined back into the original file. The generated split files contain the exact amount of data value and no passwords (or cryptographic methods of any sort) are involved. The splitting operation is done on a byte scale through the usage of an algorithmic calculation with a variable remainder. The two elements required by the algorithm to rebuild the original value of each byte are equally distributed between the resulting split files. As long as the Recipient parties are in possession of the split files (ideally, one for each), they'll always be able to retrieve the original file's structure and content, without any additional element required. 
Furthermore, the original file's name and extension are embedded within the split files, and just like the data they contain, this information can't be accessed unless the split files are joined back together. No partially readable (or usable) data can be forcefully retrieved from either of the split files. 
By using Quantum File Splitter, the Sender is able to entrust the original file's content in a safe and pickproof manner. 
Also, where needed, the splitting process can be endlessly repeated on the resulting split files if the involved Recipients are more than two. 

It's recommended to use Quantum File Splitter with small sized files. 
On slower machines, the splitting/joining process of particularly large files may take up to a few minutes (or hours). 

Minimum system requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • CPU: 1 GHz or higher
  • Screen: 1280x720 or higher
  • HDD/SSD: 130 MB
  • RAM: 2 GB

For questions, help, and support, feel free to contact me on twitter (@evonture), 
or on the Discord server linked below.

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