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sta[Y]tic does something special 

sta[Y]tic simulates horror 

sta[Y]tic is a horror simulator 

Additional notes:

  • No mouse is required;
  • Multiple outcomes are available;
  • secret ending can be unlocked (pay attention to what the game asks you).

Minimum system requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • CPU: Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1280x720
  • Free hdd space: 35MB
  • Free ram space: 512 MB
  • GPU memory: 128 MB
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or higher

When downloading, 
consider a donation to support the developer. 
Thank you! ❤️ 

For questions, help, and support, feel free to contact me on twitter (@evonture), or on the Discord server linked below.

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sta[Y]tic.zip 133 MB


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It's been a long time, hasn't it, Andrea? I really missed the unconventional horror that you bring to the table. That being said, I love the simplicity yet the creepiness and cleverness of this one.

I just wanna say that I've been super super busy and of course that's when your games dropped so I might be late to the party but hey, at least I get to play them. I still haven't had a lot of time today so I didn't manage to see everything the game has to offer but that's okay. Also recording with OBS Studio, I think I can officially call myself a true YouTuber now lol.

I'm excited for the next release and of course I'll play it as well. I also have to catch up on the game before this one so ye :)

It's good to be back.


Hi, Houssem. It's so nice to hear you're back.
Thanks for the video! And for liking sta[Y]tic too. 😉
I hope you'll enjoy "Just Play Every Game" as well, then.
And congrats for your upgrade! I wish you all the best. 👍


Excellent work! The slow build had Lil Beef on the edge of his seat. The multiple paths made for intriguing replay. We recorded one ending. Using only the keyboard was a cleaver design choice and sets this apart from other horror games. The AI giving the test is an interesting character just on its own.  

Thank you for the video! It's so nice that both of you liked it. 👍 And thanks for your kind words too!

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I finally got around to playing this game, and I'm so glad that I did! It was genuinely scary, and it had me on edge for the entire time that I played it. I just have one question: I played this game a few times to try and get the secret ending, keeping what was said about getting it in mind, but no matter what I did, I still got the same ending over and over again. I'm not asking you to tell me how to get the secret ending, but is there another hint that you could give me to help me get it? I would really appreciate it.


Nevermind. I managed to get the secret ending. It turns out that all I had to do was be patient. It's pretty fitting, honestly, considering how the last thing you would have while playing this game is patience, and the secret ending tied up everything really well. 


Thank you! It's so great to hear that you liked it, and I'm also glad you've been able to find the secret ending on your own. Over here, notifications come quite late (and through email), so, if you have an immediate hint request, just post it in the #hints channel on my Discord server, or send me a DM on twitter @evonture.


Okay! Thank you :)