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A loud noise came from the sky. 
Our town was swallowed up by a thick and engulfing darkness. 
We are afraid to step outside our homes. 
No place is safe anymore. 
Especially when night arrives...

A veil of darkness falls over a quiet town in eastern Japan. 
Fear and horror are freely wandering through its empty streets. 
Find out what's behind this curse while trying to escape from it.

Left click = Interact (firm touch)

Right click = Examine (light touch)

F5 = Save game

Esc = Quit game

Minimum system requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU: Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1280x720
  • Free hdd space: 500 MB
  • Free ram space: 512 MB
  • GPU memory: 128 MB
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - So, what this game is about?
A - Towayami is essentially a horror adventure game.
I won't spoil too much about its story, but you'll have to explore, find and use items, solve puzzles... and survive.
Oh... and you'll also be immersed in darkness. All the time.

Q - I got it. It's as if I'm playing through the eyes of a blind person. Do I have any visual clues to help me out?
A - No, you don't. It's pitch black, so you'll have to make use of the four other senses available to the main character.
Mainly touch and sound, but you'll also get to know when something smells or tastes "different".
Anyway, your brain will soon get used to this condition and will start filling the gaps by creating visual references where, in fact, there are none.
Just like when you happen to wander in the dark in real life.

Q - Do I at least get a tutorial?
A - During the first part of the game, even if you won't find any "hand in hand" guide in it, you'll have all the time and relatively safe areas to learn how to play.
At first you'll be confused about who you are and what you have to do, but just by touching and examining your surroundings, you'll soon get enough information to understand all the important bits of the story.

Q - Hey, what's the deal with that black screenshot?
A - You know, taking meaningful screenshots from a game where the main feature is the absence of any graphics... was quite challenging. (⌒_⌒;)

Q - What was your main inspiration to make this game?
A - After I made "Five minutes a day", I kept thinking about how that short "graphicless" experience could've been expanded into a proper adventure game.
Coming up with a good story and a smooth gameplay wasn't a quick and easy task, so this game became a sort of "secret project" I kept working on in between my other releases.
Obviously, as previously stated in my other works (like with "The hair in the wall"), one of my biggest ispirations is Junji Ito and his works.
Many of his stories resonate really strong with Towayami.

Q - One last advice?
A - Only one? I'll give you three: keep your ears open, touch everything, and remember to use the "light touch" (right click) to examine things in a safe way.

For any further questions, or to receive help and support, feel free to contact me on twitter (@evonture), or on the Discord server linked below.

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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Have you made this game to be accessible for those with visual impairment?
I like games about disability or impairments, especially when they're accessible to said people.
I have transient blindness, and got this game in the anti racism bundle (thanks for being involved), so I'll be able to check how accessible it is for me, but I wanted to know if it was a deep consideration or not.


Hi, first of all, thanks to you for having supported the bundle. So, as stated on the accessibility info tags, this game features high-contrast for all of its texts (it says subtitles too, but only because it's a text-only narrative), but I think there's something I need to clarify: while it's true that in the F.A.Q. above I say that playing this game is "as if" you're doing that through the eyes of a blind person, the game itself is not about blindness or featuring visual impaired characters. The darkness in which the town is engulfed is of a supernatural kind and physically there for everyone (like a thick black fog). Thus, the experience is not specifically aimed to mimic a visual impairment, but only to be a simulation of a sensory limited condition, albeit with a gameplay still entirely based on sight (needed to read texts and see the cursor's position) and sound (to hear the touch of every interactive object at reach, and in a few special case, to understand where you should be directed to progress with the story). I'm sorry if this is not enough to let you enjoy Towayami at its fullest, but I'm always open to suggestions and/or requests to make any of my works more accessible when and if needed.

- Andrea

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Was a very... unique game. At some point things clicked and a mental map formed in my head. Was interesting and definitely recommend.

Can't figure out translation of the nine souls guy. *snippit for reference* "Takaamahara Ni Kami..."

Slight Spoilers Below. Tried keeping vague.

 Sneaky leaving a certain thing behind without mentioning it. I usually pick everything up if I know there is something to take in games. Still trying to figure out Ghostly Needs, and guessing it has something to do with the 'Breathing' (where is it now? - can't find him/her. unless that was cleansed related.

Also expected in last scene the location message to be a hidden choice. Sadly not.


Really enjoyed  playing it i didnt quite finish but i definitely will soon! 

Thanks! 👍


Really enjoyed the concept, blind playthrough :P  I recommend getting this and enjoying


Thank you! 😉

I got a little stuck but I loved the story so far and the mystery.

Thanks so much for the fun and cheers to the dev ❤

Thank you for the video!

P.S. Look on the left side of the izakaya... 😉