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Was a very... unique game. At some point things clicked and a mental map formed in my head. Was interesting and definitely recommend.

Can't figure out translation of the nine souls guy. *snippit for reference* "Takaamahara Ni Kami..."

Slight Spoilers Below. Tried keeping vague.

 Sneaky leaving a certain thing behind without mentioning it. I usually pick everything up if I know there is something to take in games. Still trying to figure out Ghostly Needs, and guessing it has something to do with the 'Breathing' (where is it now? - can't find him/her. unless that was cleansed related.

Also expected in last scene the location message to be a hidden choice. Sadly not.


Really enjoyed  playing it i didnt quite finish but i definitely will soon! 

Thanks! πŸ‘


Really enjoyed the concept, blind playthrough :P  I recommend getting this and enjoying


Thank you! πŸ˜‰

I got a little stuck but I loved the story so far and the mystery.

Thanks so much for the fun and cheers to the dev ❀

Thank you for the video!

P.S. Look on the left side of the izakaya... πŸ˜‰