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Gorgeous imagery.

I'd like to meet this woman someday.

But I fear she would hate me and then laugh.

Neat stuff. Pretty spooky.


Hi Andrea, I "played" your game and made a YouTube video of it. I hope that's okay. Watch me as I get very confused! :)

Sure thing! Please, be my guest. πŸ˜‰
I made this weird little clickteractive novel as a "thank you" gift for all the love "sleepthrough" (my latest "big" game) got.
So, please, take a look here and feel free to choose any game you wish to play, record and\or talk about.
You've also my full permission to monetize your videos (which I think is part of your rights). πŸ‘
Thanks again and bye! πŸ‘‹


I forgot to share with you my Part 2! :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!
Don't forget to try sleepthrough, I think you might like it as well!
Lately, I've released The Corpse Behind The Window, which is a more puzzle based horror game... but it has the same storytelling you found in "Please, read me.".
So... make your choice! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰


Awesome. I'll check them out tonight :)

Deleted post

Or, better, to read it. :)
But yeah, there's also something to click here and there... ;)


Another game!

I love your tiny little games because there is never anything bad to say about them other than "well, it was short." but I like that! It works so well with the twists and turns you put on things, even if it's not elaborate.

You know I like to Lumps Play your games normally, but I think I'll pass on this one due to all the reading. I really liked it, thoughβ€”the glitchiness and strange symbolism everywhere sets a really great tone. Cheers, mate!

As always, keep up the good work homie :P

Thank you!
But, well... it's not a game. 😜
In fact I've been careful to not use the word "game" since it's not technically a "game".
It's a clickteractive novel. You just read through it and click to make things happen.
That was also the main reason why I didn't warn my fellows let's players about its release.
It's not something easy to let's play or even just "play" in the strict sense of the word.
Maybe a let's player with a soothing voice would likely to show off his/her skills on it.
Anyway, as I've already said on twitter, "Please, read me." is a short (clickteractive) novel I made as a "thank you" gift for all the love sleepthrough got.
With a simple "click-interaction" I thought it would be interesting to create a layered narrative that's able to hold a deeper meaning of a plain text file.
It's an experimental way to experience (or feel) a story, whose largest part expands directly in your mind through the setting, the sounds and the atmosphere.
Something weird and nifty to "tickle your brain". πŸ˜‰
I'm glad you enjoyed it. πŸ‘
'Til next time,
bye! πŸ‘‹