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That Spongy Thing On Your Tongue

A sick love.

The girl you never loved.
The flowers you never sent.
The bullet you never took.

Despite what you never did, everything has already happened.

Play this game as if it was your life.
Feel the story as if you were there.
Taste the bitterness of the sweet old times.
Let the whole experience wrap your time in a dream-filled bubble.

A hidden bonus content will reward you with knowledge.
Find it to untangle the strands of your life.

Minimum system requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU: Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1280x720
  • Free hdd space: 150mb
  • Free ram space: 512mb
  • GPU memory: 32mb
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or higher

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So it's safe to say I didn't understand the madness, but I hope you enjoy my over reactions to the chaos

Thanks! 👍 

Feel free to try my newest game:

Sealess Mother


Enjoy! 😉


So good! Love the atmosphere you created in that short time span!!

Neat stuff.

This game was a unique experience, and I was caught off guard with the ending. Well done!

I also wrote about it in my blog, features with some other games, here:  http://pajamagaming.blogspot.c...


Andrea, i'm back, sorry was not active, internet was gone and i had to pay to get it back. Anyway, i had TSTOYT downloaded for a while and i just played it, i don't know what it is. The game was cool, didn't get it much though, but enjoyed it nonetheless. I wanna also ask you to give me (at least, just like a guess) when you're releasing the next game, please ?

Without further ado, my video :

I wanna also note two things for you to put in mind before watching :

First : a little surprise is at the beginning of the video.

Second : there's that SBSP reference tho!

Hope you enjoy watching and keep them games coming man, i'll be always playing them. Peace

Actually, Andrea, another thing to tell you, i really want to actually like pay for the games but unfortunately i can't, you know, 13 years old no job and all that, but as soon as i am able to, i will pay.

Finally man. Peace.

Ha ha ha, Rick Astley is always right... you know, he's never gonna give you up! 😉
Anyway, thanks for the new video!

So, about my next game... I've got to confess that lately I've been quite busy with some IRL projects.
I think I'll take a break from the gamedev scene. At least for the next couple of months.
I'm not leaving the scene. I'm just getting my batteries all charged up for my next game! 😉
But don't worry, you'll always be one of the firsts to know if something is gonna get released. :)
Oh, and don't worry for the payment thing too. I completely understand.
Besides, you're already supporting my games by giving them space, time and visibility. 👍
Just remember to spread the word whenever you can. 😉
Thanks again for your video(s)!
Bye! 😃✌️

P.S.: I know... too many 😉.


That's kinda sad to hear that you're leaving for a while but i understand, you're a human being after all, so take the time you need and then came up with that next game whatever it is.Peace man.

Also glad you enjoyed the "rickroll" and thanks for understanding about the payment.

I'm always glad to play your games, man!

Peace, man.


hey man loved your game.

I did a gameplay video of it and i guess it wasn´t that bad at all

I was totaly lost while playing it.... but that is already normal for my chanel


This was really really good! Like most people, I made a video on it, but all-in-all, I don't think there were any flaws other than a few typos. But that just made the experience better.


Made a let's play of your game! I quite enjoyed it!

Thank you! 👊
Feel free to try my other games: https://approductions.itch.io/ , (like sleepthrough)
... and stay tuned, something new is coming... ;)


Surely that letter is a Silent Hill 2 reference?

Well... let's say it's "conceptual" reference.
If you played SH2 through the end, you'll get what I mean...
The story is obviously different, but the character "interaction" is the same. Only, this time, the roles are reversed.


I knew it had to be (:

(3 edits)

Hi Andrea, I enjoyed the game but I think the decision to go with partner violence (you can edit my comment to remove spoilers, if you like) reduced the impact of the game's reveal. My first reading of the game, as a story of stalking and unwanted advances, was impactful because it flipped the genders that are normally involved in this sort of thing.


It's not a simple story of stalking and unwanted advances.
Neither is specified that there's any partner violence involved (the mologue is just a hypothetical raving on a corpse).
If the corpse you play as is the same guy she loved, or if he's been killed by her, is entirely up to you.
The ending bonus content, the letter, helps you to understand the woman's background. What happened before the game's events.
Everything that happens after she receive that letter is hidden among her ravings. The game develops its story keeping you on the edge of that ambiguous sense of love-hate uneasiness.
I hope that it will clear things up a bit.
Play it again with a fresh mind or just watch this let's play to see a good possible story interpretation.
Also, I'm afraid that there's no gender exclusivity regarding this kind of serious mental disorders.
By the way, this was the story I wanted to tell, in the way I wanted to do it.
Love it or hate it. It won't change.
Thanks for playing.


You're very right. I'm sorry for implying that you should change your vision.


Yet another weird and mind blowing little game. I recently played Wildemare and was very surprised at how much a text based game can really make you think. I have to say this game made me think and feel much like the horror that Wildemare made me feel. This game does a great job with both the writing and story that makes your mind visualize everything, when its merely being told to you like a story. Add in the monotone dialogue that gives of an eerie stiffness to everything, and this game really makes you take a second to think about what just transpired. All in all another cool little experience and I look forward to what the developer comes up with next. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

EXCUSE ME? | That Spongy Thing On Your Tongue

(1 edit)

Thank you! It's always a pleasure to see someone enjoy your creations.
That's basically what keeps me experimenting with games. Or how I like to call them, experiences.
In your videos I see the exact reaction I wish I could see in every let's play of my games.
Talking helps the player and the viewers to understand what the game is about, the feelings it transmits.
You do that. And I like it a lot.
For example, I made "In Memory of the Eternity" with that precise kind of reaction in mind.
It's a completely textless game, where the players must thoroughly (and actively) examine the scenes he sees to understand the game's meaning.
Otherwise, a passive gameplay will make its ending too cryptic.
Here's a great insight of Calum Fraser on the game:
And here's the game: https://approductions.itch.io/in-memory-of-the-eternity

Enjoy! ;)


<3 you


I didn't understand at first, and I just sat there confused. But later on I started to get it. This was an awesome.... Game? I don't even know what to call it. I loved it. I NEVER play stuff like this because I don't find it interesting, but this was surprisingly one of my favorite games on Itch.io. I'm rating 5 stars on this.


Thank you! :D
I prefer the word "experience", but I've to use "game" to not confuse the "mass" too much. ;)
I'm glad you liked it!
This was some kind of an enhancement of the concept used in Widemare.
In that one there's a horror twist, but I can assure you that's nothing you would expect. ;)