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The Corpse Behind The Window

Like a shallow pool in a sea of rocks.

You have to sleep.
To do that, you have to close your eyes.

Once you have closed your eyes, you have to fall asleep.
To do that, you have to remove all the stains from your vision.

You can sense the corpse approaching the window.
Open your eyes to make it go away before it's too late.

Don't look at the corpse.
Even just a glimpse will prevent you from falling asleep for the rest of the night.

Losing sleep will lead to dramatic consequences.
Survive through all the nights.

(Extended "How to play" available in-game)

Soundtrack from the album: "Shapes"

Available in digital format at:


The use of headphones is strongly recommended.

Minimum system requirements:

  • O.S.: Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU: Pentium® III 800 MHz or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1280x720
  • Free hdd space: 2 GB
  • Free ram space: 1 GB
  • GPU memory: 128 MB
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 8.0 or higher

I love making free games, but I'm just a human being.
With earthly needs.
All I'm asking you is to consider a donation when downloading this game. That way I'll be able to take care of those needs and to fund the development of my future games.

Thank you. ❤️


Official Discord


Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorAndrea Pignataro
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Experimental, First-Person, Horror, Spooky, Surreal, suspense, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles
LinksSoundtrack, Twitter, Patreon


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I really like this game. It's genuinely tense and pretty scary, especially when the corpse actually appears, and I like how creative the dream sequences are. Also, funnily enough, the way in which you fall asleep in the game is similar to what I do in real life when I can't sleep. My vision is dotted with little grey shapes when I close my eyes, so I often watch them to go to sleep.


Thanks, I'm really glad you liked this one too. 👍 And yeah, that was meant to "simulate" the visual awareness we retain while falling asleep. It's so nice that it worked as intended. 😄

Atmospheric stuff, nicely done.


Dear Andrea,

Wow, that was a very impressive and genuinely creepy experience! I was literally shaking at trying to find the correct order for every night. The sound design and music are of a really high quality, I'm very impressed. I'll try out your other games too. :)

Thank you and take care,



Hey Andrea, i know you're gone by the time i'm writing this, but i know you'll be back eventually. I'm almost done with TCBTW, and i can say that it's one of my favorite let's plays on the channel!

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!


Hey Andrea! First off, i'm sorry it took me so long to get back to TCBTW, i don't know what happened. But anyway, i advise you to watch this short video here first :

I have some stuff explained in it.

Now the gameplay :



Hey Andrea, I really loved this game and it actually hit pretty close to home with me; I absolutely LOVED the way you wrapped it up. I made it into a bunch of different parts (5 actually), so I'm just going to post a link to the playlist instead of posting every single video. Even if my final interpretation of the game wasn't exactly what you had in mind, I do hope you like it none the less. Thank you for the amazing games you bring to this community! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdilWP6bIOF...

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you! I'm gonna watch 'em right now! ;)
Oh, I tried to delete your 5 duplicated comments, but for some strange reason (maybe an itch.io glitch) they just won't go away.
So, if you're able to do that, please be my guest! ;P

Edit: I fixed it! :D
Thanks again!


Yea, sorry about that. But seriously, I completely loved your abstract dream idea in the game. I'd never seen anything like it before, and I feel like in my videos I didn't let it be known how cool and unique it really was; that coupled with the music that seemed to completely match the setting was just......brilliant!

Yo, Andrea, i made the fourth part (completed 8 nights so far and there are 6 left). I also read your reply to my last comment and mentioned in this video that you said this is NOT in fact, a FNaF fan made or inspired game. So, anyway, since there's 14 nights like you said, and i beat 2 nights per video, this is gonna be a 7 episodes let's play, so hope you're ready for the 3 videos that are left!

Without further ado, my video :

Enjoy! Bye!

Also note : you can notice that the thumbnail for this one is different from the other videos' thumbnails, that's because i started using this program called BeFunky to make professional thumbnails.


Alright! 👍
Thank you for including the FNaF clarification in the video. ;)
As always, looking forward for your next videos on TCBTW! :D
Bye! 👋

So Andrea, i said in this video that i was sick so i couldn't record but i'm back now.

10 nights? for real? why that number though?

It's kind of unique to make this and FNaF different from each other, so Andrea i had yet another great time recording this. It's great work you do, for real man.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy the video like i enjoy your games! Bye!


So, there are 14 nights actually. And it's not a FNAF based or inspired game.
The basic fact that you must go through a number of nights being careful about an upcoming threat is purely coincidental.
Believe me, it was not meant to be compared associated to the FNAF brand.
Otherwise I would have called it "14 Nights at -something-".
That surely would have made it a "click-bait" hit.
I simply didn't want to attract the wrong gamers at the risk of disappointing them.
This game has very little to share with a FNAF game. In fact, the story (in both the dialogues and the dreams) is tightly connected to the nights passages. In TCBTW is the dream the most important thing of the night, not just the survival aspect as in any FNAF game, in which you're usually awake all the time.
There's an underlying subconscious plot that's very easy to miss if you play this game as a FNAF clone.
It's something more complex than it seems to be. And this is the main reason why all the levels are replayable even after beating the game.
I want to help you understanding the plot, leaving here something to think on after you'll beat the game (skip the list below if you don't want any spoiler):

  • Some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
  • The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
  • Something outside the "active" game structure is lurking through the stains.
  • Keep in mind that emerald can also be a name.
  • Where's the knife? Where did you find it? Is it involved with the above-mentioned events?
  • You're not dead. You're the only one still alive.
  • Who has put "something" underground?
  • Whose is the corpse?
  • Some dreams are just symbols, some other are real existing places.
  • What's the connection between you and the doctor?
Hope this will dispel any doubt about the game's nature.
Thanks for the new video. That's surely some dedication! ;)

Oh, now that makes sense. Thanks man!

Andrea, don't spoil too much, but how long does it take to beat that Night 5 ?

Also, do you play your games ?

And it seems like these days, i'm just making reasons to talk with you, haha. But you're good, man, you deserve it!

Thanks for answering. Peace.

You won't have too many difficulties in beating the nights 'til you'll be around the 10th one.
Yes, I continuously play my games during the development process (it's called "debug" or "playtest") and then, when they're released, I keep playing them now and then to make sure they are still bug-free.
Anyway, the most important thing is that the games I make are games I like to play.
Thanks for asking!
Bye! 😃✌️

Andrea, question time : what do you use to develop your games ?

P.S : If you use more than one, include them all.

Thanks. Peace.

A custom C++ engine I made back in 2009 (obviously updated).

Can you like, link me to it, like a download link ?

Also, just your opinion, what kind of connection we have at this point ?

I'm sorry, I've never publicly released the engine SDK. And it's not happening any time soon.
It heavily relies on software dependencies that kept changing on a daily basis for the last few years.
Let's say it's my personal project I keep updating and enhancing in my spare time, like a hobby.
Regarding our connection, I don't really know what you mean... 😶
I'm a humble indiedev and you are a cool young youtuber that seems to appreciate my works... am I right? 👍
My development process is hugely influenced by youtubers like you, in fact, to me, it's a great thing to have the opportunity to get an almost instant feedback on my works. That way I can keep improving the quality of my next games according to your opinions about my past games.
During my career I've met some really smart let's players like:
- you (yes, you ThatBoyHM)
- Project Sash
- BlitzCat
- Lumps Plays
- Dave A Day
- Santifico's Sanctuary
and many others you can surely find in the comments below my games' pages.
So, yes, you're officially welcomed among my fellow youtubers!
I hope you'll keep enjoying my games.
Have a nice day! 👋😊

It's really really nice of you to say so, i'm more than happy to give you feedback about your amazing games! I don't really consider myself very smart, cool or famous, i'm just humble like you and i really hope you keep them games coming and hopefully gain a massive fanbase. About these YouTubers you mentioned, i've seen them and they really are cool too. Also that being said, i did beat Night 3 and 4 in TCBTW, her's the video :

These nights were really anxious (hence the title), but really enjoyed playing more.

You have a nice day, Andrea. Peace.

Also i wanna mention that you're possibly the only person i would accept to call me "young" or "kid", i usually hate being called like that, be proud for that haha!

Thank you! And thank you for the new video too!
About being "young"... well, it's not a bad thing at all. 👍😉
There's a huge difference between being a "kid" and to be called "young". The latter just means how old you are, and there's nothing wrong with that. And despite that, you're able to mantain a youtube channel, providing an almost daily quality content.
No matter what your age is, doing that requires a lot of efforts and creativity.
So, as you can see, there's so much you should be proud of too. 😉✌️

I think the underlying idea and story of this one went a bit over my head, but I really like the mechanics for this one!

hey Andrea, next game by Andrea Pignataro Productions, please ?

Take a look here https://approductions.itch.io/ and choose what you want to play! ;)
Have you tried "sleepthrough" yet?
My latest work (The Corpse Behind the Window) got released just days ago... so I think it's too early for something new. ;D

(1 edit)

Andrea, i did try "sleepthrough" but the video take so dang long to upload so, when it's uploaded i'll let you know ;)

Just played the first two nights and Andrea, i gotta say, you did a great job! i recommend you watch my video, but anyway haven't met the corpse yet, i love how you used nights as a level system thingy, you know, reminded me of when i played FNaF, can't wait to record more of this game, hopefully i'll be able to pass the next nights, so here's my video :

Hope you have a good day, Andrea. Peace.

P.S. : the words are hand drawing using Paint program lol...

Thank you for the video!
Hope you'll get sorted out the screen issues for the next gameplays.
This game, just like "sleepthrough", requires a minimum screen resolution of 1280x720p (16:9).
And for the music, which is fundamental for the game's mood, I think that you should adopt a solution similar to the one in the "Five Minutes a Day" video.
Anyway, thanks again!
Bye! 👋

P.S.: Be proud to be one of the few to perfectly nail my surname. 👍

Yeah, well the screen issue will be hopefully solved next time, also i never knew people had problems pronouncing your surname lol


I'm not sure if it's my favorite game of yours, but I think it's by far the coolest and most interesting! Very ambitious, and I thought it was so awesome you turned it into an interactive music album. Your games always remind me of the reason I like indie video games. They aren't flashy, fancy, or expensive—but there's loads of substance there. The way you portrayed objects in the 'dream' sequences was both effective and hilariously simple, really good work, man! As always, can't wait until your next one :D

Hope you like the Lumps Play as much as I enjoyed your tunes! Cheers, my friend.


Thank you!
Yeah, as I said in the comment below (I've no shame in quoting myself if that's exactly what I want to say):
"This game is a lot different from "sleepthrough", but it shares the same concept of an unconsciously told story, which can be more powerful than a plainly scripted plot.
There are things that simple words can't explain."

So, yep. The visual heights that "sleepthrough" reached are still the most refined thing I've ever made, but I think that "The Corpse Behind The Window" has a much stronger emotional value based, above all, on dialogues and music.

About the story, I'll leave here something to help you think about it:

  • Some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
  • The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
  • Something outside the "active" game structure is lurking through the stains.
  • Keep in mind that emerald can also be a name.
  • Where's the knife? Is it involved with the above-mentioned events?
  • You're not dead. You're the only one still alive.
  • Who has put "something" underground?
  • Whose is the corpse?
  • Some dreams are just symbols, some other are real existing places.
  • What's the connection between you and the doctor?

Thanks again for the video!

Bye! 👋

(1 edit) (+1)

This is deffo a MUST play! I made a full 1 hour video on the game and the ending kinda got me a little emotional. Guys just go check this game out, big shout to Andrea Pignataro for making such great indie games for us to play and supporting myself and the channel too! Keep it up Andrea and thanks once again for making my gaming experiences awesome! :D

P.s - Be sure to check out the playlist at the end of the video peeps! its got all the games I have played of Andrea's so far! Enjoy! and remember to hit like if you did, share the video it helps get our video's out there, it helps more than you know!! and subscribe....IF YOU DARE. ;)

my video!

I edited your post to make the video go embedded.

Let me repost here my comment about your video. You deserve it.

At risk of repeating myself (and in this case it means that's a good thing) I can't THANK YOU enough for all the support, voice, time and space, you're giving to me and my games. Really, thank you. 🙏
Your ending words made me speechless as well. The greatest achievement was getting you emotional, because it was meant to. There's something about the game's story, visuals and sounds (including music) that it's designed to subtly permeate your mind. It's like a story told through emotions.
So, even if you didn't consciously get the whole picture, your mind (and body) did. And that's perfectly normal.
If I should give a hint about the story (just for the sake of completeness) I would say that some quite serious events happened before your current situation.
The key elements of those events are scattered throughout the dialogues and dreams.
Just keep in mind that emerald can also be a name...
Anyway, that's enough! ;)
This game is a lot different from "sleepthrough", but it shares the same concept of an unconsciously told story, which can be more powerful than a plainly scripted plot.
There are things that simple words can't explain. And that's the hardest part in designing these kinds of experiences.
What matters to me is to create something that lasts in the players' hearts.
Your feedback is surely one of the most important things that keeps me doing works like "The Corpse Behind The Window", because I know there'll be someone appreciating them.
Thanks again! 👋😉✌️


Ooooh I didn't know how to embedded it !??? xD but thank you! and I left you a message on my YT video but I'll post it here too :P

thank you man! this really made me happy after a really rubbish day xD yeah it was quite emotional towards the end xD and ohhhh I get yeah now! haha and I just wanted to say thank you too for supporting myself and the channel, really been loving your work and I look forward to more projects of yours to come! You're a brilliant games developer with such talent and great mindset for games that I believe you should have way more recognition! and I'll do my absolute best to keep sharing your games with my audience and more! You really do deserve it Andrea! keep it up! So looking forward to see what else you have in store for us gamer's! and I hope more and more people appreciate your games because they're so bloody good and original, you make my gaming experiences great with your games! xD you're awesome dude! :D big hugs!

You're truly talented and skilled and what you do and it even inspires me to want to create my own games, I'm learning how to use unity 3D (here and there when I have time) Like I said Andrea keep it up and keep being awesome! :D