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I beat the game... but what did it cost? Was it worth it?

haha it was awesome! wish it was longer tho, I enjoyed it too much

The game was not very cooperative when I tried to record it, but once I managed, it was quite funny.

Love the idea and the game! Didnt quit

Did i win? Im'not sure of anything anymore...


I'm not sure if this game came out before or after "There is no game", but it feels like a spiritual predecessor which I'm all for!

It's about a 5-ish minute experience, the dialogue is pretty funny at times, and it's just an overall clever little story/puzzle game that you'll get a good laugh out of at least once

My playthrough:


tw// spoilers

Amazing game! i've played it twice, every time it quits itself i say "What Happened?!" in shock.

I've got SuperF4, which is unstoppable. Is that cheating?


Thank you!
And yes, unfortunately that counts as cheating too, but you know, "Quit The Game In-Game To Win" sounded a bit mouthful. 😉



Well, at least i still have X

This game hard

it wasnt that simple

well he won

but now what next


Nice game! Pretty Short, for a kind of this game a bit too short but i like it! 


That *wasn't* easy.


this game was short, fun and a interesting way to quit a game XD  nice   


jajajaja, really funny game :)


Recorded it




it was good! liked it! 


I made a video on this game and had fun. 


good game


Good game. The ending kinda funny too.

Love the aesthetic!  Audio and visuals really meshed well together and thought the concept was executed perfectly. Had fun quitting haha


This was hilarious and quirky! 


Thank you! 👍

Very entertaining!


Thank you!

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Gave it a go...

Interesting. Somewhere around 'This is not a game"

Cool Game!


Really fun! Very Unique.


Great game, I really enjoyed it.


Amazing game! Had a lot of fun while playing this ;)


Thanks! 👍


That was very weird. Had fun but would be nice if longer.

Thank you! For a longer (and weirder) experience, I'd suggest you to try "Sealess Mother" or "N.I.N.E.".
They're more on the creepy side (especially "Sealess Mother"), but nonetheless worth a play if you enjoyed "Quit the game to win". 😉


I love games that break the 4th wall. They feel a lot more personal. Great concept. Super simple and well executed.

(also, I spent waaay to long trying to call the "X" button)

And seeing how there aren't enough video links here, I'll add one more:

(1 edit)

Thanks! Hope you'll take a look at my other games too!
(psst... especially these two 😉:,


Really nice game and concept, would really like to see longer game with more puzzles.

Good job!


Thank you! 👍


Yw, good luck on your future projects!

After over 40 releases, I'm taking a little rest. 😅
If you want to take a look at what came after (or even before) "Quit the game to win", please, be my guest:
(games are are in reverse order of release, so most recent on top, oldest at the bottom)

Notable mentions:

Enjoy! 👍


I loved the creepiness towards the end of the game as well as the humour too! I love games like this that is on the same level as “Don’t Push The Button” or “Dude, Stop”. 

Hope to see more like this in the future!

Thank you! 😉


This was actually a very satisfying game to play and made quite a few laughs for me.

I figured it out and I am pleasantly satisfied with this game.

Thank you! 😉


This was a really fun short game to play the calling out her name part was really fun to try and figure out it also had some nice little laughs as well and a great ending to it. i will also be trying out your other game Sealess Mother as well. Here is also  my playthrough of the game. keep up the good work

Thank you for the video! 👍
It always really means a lot to me when people play one of my games and then decide to try the other ones too.
I hope you'll enjoy "Sealess Mother" as much as any other game on this page you'll feel like trying:
In particular, if you like the kind of experience "Quit the game to win" and "Sealess Mother" offer ("short-and-deep"), I would suggest you to take a look at the following titles:
Instead, if your up for something longer you could try games like "Sleepthrough", "Our place", and "Damascus current".
Hope I didn't sound like a car salesman... 😊
Thanks again and see you soon! 👋


If you were trying to sound like a car salesman then you would have been the best salesman i have ever heard of and i will be trying out more of them because there are so much fun 



Well damn. That happened.
Cool game!

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